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Art Exhibits


Student Center Zot Zone Exhibition Space Proposal Form

Student Center student staff and board members may submit a proposal to display their work in the Zot Zone Games Room.


Digital Signage


Digital Signage Request Form

To have digital slides or a brief digital video displayed in the UCI Student Center, submit broadcast-ready content along with this form. Please read the Digital Signage Guidelines prior to making a submission.


Meetings & Events


Alcohol Permit

If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages at your event, please complete and submit this form.


Sound Exception Form

If there will be sound at your outdoor event you will need to fill out this form. Sound is defined as any sound made outdoors using an amplification mechanism (e.g., PA system, DJ, bullhorn, radio, computer speakers, etc.).


Application for the UC Irvine Film & Photography Permit

If you are a UCI student wanting to conduct film or photography activities at UC Irvine, please complete and submit the student production application. All non-UCI student productions should complete the general permit application.


Money Deposit Form

Registered campus organizations collecting money at events need to fill out and submit this form.


Outdoor Special Event Proposal Form

For large events along Ring Mall. Please also submit an diagram using either the standard Ring Mall or Library Ring Mall forms.


Request to use University Properties

Please complete this form if you are an external client and would like to host an event at UCI.


Special Event Information Form (SEIF)

Registered campus organizations holding a special event (e.g. banquet, conference, lecture, etc.) in a campus classroom or lecture hall need to complete this form.


Storage Waiver

If your organization is going to store things overnight in the Student Center, you need to fill out this form.


Summer Conference Request

Please complete this form if you would like to hold a summer conference at UC Irvine.


Temporary Food Permit

Registered Campus Organization serving perishable food at an event must obtain a food permit. Food permits must be displayed during the actual event.


Student Center Board

Student Center Board Application


Student Staff Positions

Apply online