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Digital signage as a medium for displaying information has the potential to reach a wide audience. However, there are designing limitations on the information that can be displayed. For this reason you are asked to please keep your information as brief as possible. When developing content for submission, limit the amount of text and make the text for digital slides as big as possible. All requests are subject to approval/rejection if the content is not properly formatted.

In order to be displayed, submissions must comply with the content requirements outlined in the Digital Signage Guidelines, as well as the content requirements described below.


Event-Based Public Content

Only events with date, time, name/title and location of the event in the Student Center will be posted. Events occurring outside of the Student Center may be displayed if: 1) space permits and 2) the event is student-oriented.


Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

PSAs must be intended for student audiences and may not:

  • Endorse a political issue or candidate.
  • Contain religious content.
  • Promote or condone behavior that violates University policies and/or values, or local, state, or federal law.
  • Encourage the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages or of tobacco-related products. Announcements that do not promote these products but encourage moderation and responsible use are permissible.
  • Infringe on the copyrighted or trademarked works of others. Copyrighted and trademarked materials may include, but are not limited to, logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, movies, videos and written works.
  • Include commercial advertisements for businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University.

Content that does not fulfill these requirements will not be displayed.


Sponsorship Announcements

Sponsorship announcements may be displayed on a very limited basis when: 1) related to events or activities occurring within the Student Center that are sponsored by a University department or campus organization and 2) digital signage space is available. Sponsorship announcements must follow the guidelines established by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Digital content of this nature must comply with the following criteria:

  • Cannot conflict with existing campus contracts;
  • Cannot imply the University supports a specific viewpoint, product, or company; and
  • Must allow the University to add a disclaimer when deemed necessary by the Director – Student Center and Event Services or their designee.

Sponsorship announcements that meet IRS guidelines are exempted from unrelated business income tax assessment and may be used as further defined in the digital signage policy. Sponsorship announcements are generally those where a payment is made to a tax-exempt organization with no expectation of substantial return benefit other than the use or acknowledgement of the donor’s name, logo or product lines in connection with the activities of the tax-exempt organization (e.g., the University). University Counsel will issue guidelines for use by University faculty, staff, and students to determine when a message constitutes advertising versus sponsorship.

Income received from sponsors for announcements, where permitted, should be used to defray the costs of the item/program in which the announcement appears or for the activities of the department or organization concerned. The amount of payment shall be determined in advance and may not be based on a volume of sales of any merchandise or other services resulting from the placement.