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Requesting Space for Routine Meetings

The information below is intended to clarify the process for a registered student organization to reserve space for regular meetings that will occur during Spring Quarter 2014 through Student Center & Event Services. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 949.824.5252 or email

General Information

Your organization must be completely registered with Student Life & Leadership in order to make any space requests/reservations through Student Center & Event Services. Only an authorized signer may submit a reservation request for a registered student organization. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are an authorized signer, please verify with either Student Life & Leadership or Student Center & Event Services. Incomplete requests, more than one entry per organization, or a non-authorized signer submitting a request will nullify a space request.

A routine meeting is a meeting of your club members to discuss club business. Meetings that involve a number of outside guests attending the meeting, off-campus speakers, performers, etc. are generally not club meetings, but special events.

Registered student organizations may book special events in the UCI Student Center, separate from this process. To begin the process of booking a special event, call 949.824.5252 to arrange a meeting with an event planner.

Student Center Conference Rooms

Please submit requests to use Student Center conference rooms for routine student organization meetings through vEMS (Virtual Event Management System). By requesting space through this online system, you avoid waiting in lines at the Student Center & Event Services office and are able to submit your request earlier than those who visit our office in person to make reservations.

Starting Monday, June 23, 2014, vEMS account holders may request to use space online for their organization’s weekly meetings for Fall Quarter 2014. If you do not have a vEMS account, you may create one by completing and submitting an Account Request Form.

Alternatively, an authorized signer may come in person to the Student Center & Event Services office starting Monday, June 30, 2014 to book meeting space for Fall Quarter.

Final room assignments will be based on expected attendance, preferred setup and availability. Please be as accurate as possible so we can satisfy the maximum number of requests. You may not change the room setups.  If your organization rearranges any furniture in a scheduled room, you may incur a labor charge.  If you require equipment (computer projector, screen, etc.) in your meeting room, the associated charges will be added to your reservation.

Classrooms & Lecture Halls

You may now submit your routine meeting request for Fall 2014 classroom and lecture hall space! In order to request this type of space for routine meetings, please fill out the Request to Use University Facilities for Routine Student Organization Meetings form online. Submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday July 18, 2014. In order to accommodate all organization requests, only one classroom may be assigned to an organization.

Requests for space can only be submitted by an authorized signer for the registered student organization who has completed COOL Orientation. The authorized signer who submitted the Request to Use Classroom/Lecture Hall Facilities for Routine Student Organization Meetings will receive an email confirmation as soon classroom and lecture hall space has been released to our office for event bookings. This is usually around the start of Week 1.

If you miss the deadline for Fall 2014 routine meeting requests, or did not receive a meeting space in a classroom or lecture hall through this process, reservations for your regular meetings may be made in person at the Student Center & Event Services Administrative Office around Wednesday, October, 1, 2014. Please note that the actual date is conditional upon release of General Assignment Classroom space by the Registrar after course coded classes have been accommodated. An email will be sent to signers regarding the official date when such bookings can be made.

If your organization needs Smart Equipment turned on for any of your meeting dates, please make sure to indicate this in your request. Please note that Facilities Management fees will apply for classroom and lecture hall use on weekends. See this link for more information of Facilities Management fees.